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DSC_5060 Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which [we] can use to change the world.” In our experience, this is especially true in the most desperate places on the planet. All of us at HFC are doing what we can to change the world. We could spend our energy fighting poverty, corruption and medical epidemics directly, or we can focus our energy on the root of the problem: substandard education. By combining our tech knowledge with the skills of experienced educators, we can deliver world-class computer-based education to even the most remote areas of the planet, thanks to software like RACHEL and hardware, like the BRCK and our own “RuggedPi” and “Loaded” Chromebook.

Please visit the current home of our educational initiative ( where you can download, build or purchase advanced, portable and deployable educational devices or click here to stick around and learn more about our journey and our development process.

Computer Training Center

With technology pouring into developing countries, the stage is set for a brand new job market in information technology. Unfortunately, computer training has become big business, serving outdated training to only those with a decent amount of income.

We built our Computer Training Center to provide free and ultra-low cost training to those that need it most: those living below the poverty level and the staff of NGO’s that serve them.

The center is funded by the hacker community, corporations and individual donors.

Click here to learn more about our computer training center.

 HFC Classrooms

As technology floods into developing countries, the market for IT skills is exploding. We provide relevant, marketable skills training, empowering our students and providing them with a bright future in which they can support themselves and their families without the need for charitable handouts.

We use new and used equipment provided by corporations, individuals and anonymous donors in our classrooms and Computer Training Centers.

Click here to take a tour of our many computer classrooms.

Leather Program

After the Loko village rebuild we realized that while the residents now had homes and supplies, many still lacked jobs and skills. Since so many skills training programs (bead making, tailoring, etc) were over-saturated, and a leather tannery was working in Jinja, we decided to try something different: leather crafting. We used the remaining fire donations to purchase tools and Johnny and Jen set out to learn the craft of leatherworking. After learning a bit about the craft themselves, they began training Ugandan students. The program now supports fifteen Ugandan artists and craftsmen..

Click here to learn more about our leather program and see some of our artists’ work.

Loko Village Fire Relief

As fire consumed the village practically in our back yard in Jinja Uganda, we felt like we had to do something. After posting on Facebook and blogging, the community really did something. Something big, something unexpected. In the end, Hackers worked alongside local organizations to save an entire village, rebuilding 26 homes and restoring the lives of over 120 people..

Click here to read more about the fire relief effort.

Food For Work Program: Kenya

We’re technologists. We love solving ridiculously complex technology problems. That’s why most of our programs focus on helping organizations and individuals with technology-based training and support. We’ve seen how technology can transform lives. But millions of people around the world are starving. They don’t need high-tech anything. They need food. Our food program has absolutely nothing to do with technology. It’s about standing in the gap for the world’s most vulnerable citizens.

Click here to learn more about our “Food for Work” Program.

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